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  • 23-06-12
    On May 24,2023, Infocomm Asia 2023 Asia Audio-visual Integrated equipment and technology Exhibition was officially launched in Queen Sirikit National Convention and Exhibition Center (QSNCC), Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 23-04-26
    With the epidemic prevention of the gradually optimize the New Deal, depressed in all walks of life of the market was released at the end of 2022, and positive LED display industry in 2023, how out under the new situation, the recovery of the national economic market, mining product new application scenarios, in the face of these problems, we from the current market environment to analyze the dire
  • 23-04-26
    As the latest packaging technology, COB has great development potential, which is arranged by many manufacturers as a powerful strategy for future competition, which objectively promotes the continuous breakthrough of LED display in COB technology. Recently, the appearance of COB technology Micro LED products also indicates that LED display products towards a higher development ladder.
  • 23-04-26
    Small spacing LED display screen through the past five years of development, in the clarity of the display panel has been greatly improved. As the density increases, the difficulty of reducing the pixel spacing decreases further