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Why is COB technology a key factor in entering the P0.Xmm era?

The development of the manufacturing industry is inseparable fromthe continuous innovation of technologies at all ends of the upstream and downstream industry chain, For the production and manufacturing of LED displays, The packaging link is particularly important, The jump in LED display screens at different stages of development is even directly related to packaging technology, As the latest packaging technology, The COB has a huge development potential, By many manufacturers as a powerful strategy for future competition to layout, And this also objectively promotes the LED display in COB technology breakthrough, The Recent P0.3 COB technology Micro LED product was unveiled, Also indicates that LED display products towards a higher development ladder. Let's take a look at the COB technology in the field of LED display development!

With people's requirements for display effect more and more HD, "5G + 8K ultra HD" continues to develop, in the LED display industry, small spacing LED also began to break the upper limit of ultra HD display, small spacing LEDand even micro spacing LED display has become the inevitable trend of the development of the industry. Not long ago, the P0.3 Micro LED screen appeared on the ISE 2023 uses the inverted COB packaging technology to refresh  the industry innovation technology, which makes many people have more thinking about COB technology. As is known to all, the smaller the spacing of LED displays, the higher the resolution, which is also the reason why Micro LEDand Mini LED are called the future of display technology, and the ideal technology for Micro LED and Mini LED products is the combination of COB integrated packaging + fully inverted LED chip technology. However, it is not easy to achieve Micro LED products of P0.3 and below. COB power ultra HD display has become the development direction of the display industry. It can besaid that the development of COB technology is the key factor leading the   LED display into the p0.Xmm era. So why does the COB, which mainly functionsin the packaging link, have such a great influence? This also has to combine the production link and the development process of the LED display screen.

Compared to other packaging technologies, COB technology is called "million technology", which means 1 million pixels, products using COB technology can control the pixel failure points within 1-9. The packaging technology of LED display mainly includes DIP packaging technology, SMD packaging technology, IMD packaging technology, and COB technology. Among them, SMD packaging technology is mature and stable, and has a strong cost advantage, so it is the mainstream packaging technology in the LED display industry at present. However SMD technology pixel efficiency only "level", far enough to achieve the requirements of small spacing, high definition display, inversion COB technology can greatly improve current density, improve the stability of the beads and light effect, inverted structure can well meet the demand, simplify the production process, display effect is better, can realize the chip level spacing, has reached the level of Micro LED.

COB technology as the implementation of "millions" packaging technology not only power display into p0.Xmm hd era, also with a new attitude innovation industry chain, this reflected in COB technology production process and production line equipment layout and SMD packaging technology is very different, COB technology integration and simplify the packaging enterprises and display manufacturing enterprise production process, the production process is easier to organize and control. In addition, COB technology has a strong advantage in the heat dissipation effect, effective use of space, molar grain reduction, later maintenance and other aspects.

Although COB technology has strong advantages in the technical level, COB products are mainly in the middle and high-end commercial market, not reaching a high market penetration rate. Looking back a few years, the market share of COB is even less than 10%. From the relevant research and development of some enterprises in the COB technology, we can see that inverted COB packaging technology is the advanced direction of the current layout of COB screen enterprises. As an important premise of Micro LED products, inverted COB packaging technology is superior in electrical connectivity, surface flatness and other aspects.

Due to the high threshold of COB packaging technology, and the application field is also in the high-end market, the price sensitivity is not high, so currently COB products are still dominated by international manufacturers. However, in recent years, with the progress of technology, the product competitiveness of domestic manufacturers is also rapidly improving, the rise of the trend is obvious. More and more domestic manufacturers take COB as a strategic layout for enterprises to enhance market competitiveness, and with the continuous development of high-definition display and COB technology, the application of COB products in conference application, business display and other aspects is increasing, which is expected to further promote the market demand of COB packaging.

If enterprises in the COB business layout of the main growth depends on industry penetration and its share, industry permeability is derived from cost reduction, in COB technology breakthrough in the future, COB packaging display cost will gradually decline, more manufacturers also have the opportunity in the corresponding layout in the COB market. In addition to market demand and technical advantages, COB technology is also fully available in the national government policies, including the national "14th Five-year Plan" key scientific research projects, new display development direction and other supporting conditions. In general, the market penetration rate of COB products will be further improved in the future. Under the active layout of various screen enterprises, the rise of Chinese manufacturers in the COB field is within reach.

Technological innovation is an eternal topic in the LED display industry. Only by constantly launching new technologies and new products can we ensure the smooth completion of industrial upgrading. The continuous development of COB technology, small spacing, micro spacing LED products to a higher level, to bring better user experience for the terminal market, I believe this will also inject a steady stream of power for the sustainable development of LED display industry.